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JoePa Proves Eyeglasses Also a Fashion Statement

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Penn State’s infamous football coach, Joe Paterno, wears rolled-up khakis and jet-black sneakers, but his trademarked Coke bottled-thick eyeglasses are what once put everyone in an uproar.  Having eye surgery, the 84-year old now only needs reading glasses.  JoePa without eyeglasses?  Obviously he chose convenience, over fashion.  For the rest of us needing eyewear, however, compromising one for the other isn’t necessary.  At Eyeglasses an array of fashionable, including designer, eyeglasses and sunglasses are available for purchase.  With a stock of over 200,000 you will find every color and shape to meet the most discriminate tastes.


To make a purchase is easy and convenient.  At the Web site select the category of glasses you need (regular, sun, or reading), then select from more than a dozen categories to narrow your selection.  In regular eyewear, some of the categories available are retro, vintage, and celebrity.  For sunglasses there’s sport, golf, and polarized.  In reading, folding, half-eye, and monocles.  Have a question or want to place your order over the phone, an excellent customer service staff waiting to serve.


The site also offers lenses, an eye doctor locator, and a Glasses Buying Guide.