Don’t Just Plan Your Honeymoon; Make it a Destination says Steve Stevanovich

Whether you love tropical flora and fauna (Aruba), organic kitchens (Turtle Island), or worldwide cultures (New York City), make your honeymoon a destination.  Don’t have a passport, create romance within Yellowstone National Park’s hot spring baths or Santa Fe’s world class art galleries, suggests Steve Stevanovich, but for those wanting ‘home’ abroad, consider Jeju Island, Korea.  With its large lava caves it’s Asia’s ‘Little Hawaii.’ 


And don’t forget our border neighbor – Mexico, points out Steve Stevanovich.  With the all-inclusive luxurious Royal Cancun, where all rooms have a water view to economical ‘Pearl of the Pacific’ Mazatlan, with 10 miles of picturesque beaches and one of Mexico’s largest breweries, this country can meet any wedding couples budget.  Finally, as an added touch, consider having your wedding at the destination also.  Steve Stevanovich notes all these destinations are special.

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